Seattle Canine Club is … a dog meet dog world

Seattle Canine Club is the place where the city’s movers, shakers and long nap takers frolic, feast, fetch, and have fun every single day.

Seattle Canine Club is… a new breed of dog care

Welcome to a place of safety, serenity, structure and well-supervised play for dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you can’t be home for long periods of time — during the day or overnight — treat your dog to a stay at our state-of-the-bark urban oasis.

Crystal drinking bowls? 1000-thread count towels? Not here. We invest in the luxuries your dog actually desires:

  • An experienced, loving and attentive staff
  • Consistent, stress-free, daily routines
  • Scheduled private mealtimes
  • A personalized, safe and quiet place to nap
  • Ample room to socialize and exercise: three designated play areas are custom fit for dogs or all sizes and temperaments:
  • Climate-controlled play and sleep areas
  • Ample fresh air for an authentic “outdoor feel”
  • Shock-absorbing, ¾-inch, wall-to-wall Tenderfoot rubber matting
    • Easy on joints, ideal for engaged romping and wrestling
  • “Private Time” cool down area

Seattle Canine Club is … Country Club living, downtown

The only thing consistent about Seattle weather is that it will likely change several times on any given day. At Seattle Canine Club, you never need to pack a sweater or raincoat. Inside our spacious club, it is bright and warm 365 days per year. Consistency allows your dog to run free and live carefree during every visit.

Seattle Canine Club is conveniently located for stress-free daily drop-offs and pick-ups.